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How to use this form

Enter the details of the student to be enrolled in the form below. When you are satisified that the details are correct press the button "Send to QMBC" at the bottom of the form.

A new page will open telling you that you have successfully sent the enrolment information in the form to Q.M.B.C. The new student should receive their first lessons by ordinary mail shortly after.

All lessons are sent by ordinary mail. We cannot send lessons by email over the internet.

The "Reset" button simply clears the form so that you can use it again to enrol another student.


If you are under 16 years of age -- do the right thing and ask your parent's or guardian's permission before enrolling in our courses.

All names and addresses on our computer database are used for Q.M.B.C. purposes only. We do not sell or give this information to any other individual or organisation.

When filling out the form below, please make sure that you give us your Full Name and Postal Address.

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Age ( for children )
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