Courses Overview and Sample Lessons

QMBC offers both online and postal lessons. The children’s courses for both the online lessons the postal lessons are similar. The Panorama lessons are for more advanced study and are only available via post.

The following course overview is for our postal lessons.


The courses currently available are summarised below, with a sample lesson, and grouped according to age as follows:

  • AGE GROUP 4 – 5 Years,  2 Courses – 14 Lessons

 The Red Wagon  – The Red Wagon (Lesson 1)

  • AGE GROUP 5 – 8 Years, 2 Courses – 14 Lessons

The Lost Kitten  – The Lost Kitten (Lesson 1)

  • AGE GROUP 9 – 11 years,  2 Courses – 15 Lessons

 course A 1  – Heaven (Lesson 1)

  • AGE GROUP 12 years and over,   7 Courses – 94 Lessons

course C 1  – A Country Called Heaven (Lesson 1), and

course H13-14  – Safe Sex? Is it Possible? (Lesson 13)

Click on the lesson image to download a PDF file of the full course outline listing every lesson.


This is an advanced Bible Study course

  • This course consists of 50 lessons in 17 modules.
  • Click on the booklet image to download a PDF file of the whole of the course outline.

The Panorama Extension Studies

  • The extension studies add a further 79 lessons in 25 modules.
  • Click on the booklet image to download a PDF file of the list of extension studies