QMBC Prayer News

February 2017

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

We trust that, as we have entered a new year, we have already experienced happiness in the Lord and in His work. The Psalmist declares: “Blessed [or Happy] is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God, the Maker of heaven and earth. . .” (Psa. 146.5). Indeed, as we go about our daily work, how good it is to experience His presence with us and to be re-assured of hope for the future.

As we view the world around us, we see chaos and a breakdown of law and order; left to man things will get worse and worse. In the last few days, following USA President Donald Trump’s immigration order, we have seen massive demonstrations especially in the countries specified, viz., Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Many of these countries are mentioned in Bible prophecy (e.g., Ezek. 27.10; 38.5; Jer. 49.35-39), and we can’t help feeling that right now God is using the nations to bring about His purposes. In these times of turmoil and strife we do well to heed the words of the Lord Jesus when He said, “see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen. . .” (Matt. 24.6). We need to be patient and be encouraged by the Scriptures so that we might have hope (Rom. 15.4). And this is the message we continue to send out to our many and varied QMBC students.

We have been encouraged with the amount of mail we have already received this year, particularly from Hong Kong where the number of students continues to increase steadily. We currently have students in seven different correctional institutes there, and they are very keen to do the lessons. We can report that we have 100 more Hong Kong students doing the lessons now, than at this time last year – an increase of 140%!

Sadly, the mail from Papua New Guinea continues to decrease as more and more Post Offices in country areas are closed, making it impossible for the students to return their completed lessons to us. Please pray for the many thousands of students from that country, who have heard the Gospel through QMBC lessons since the first PNG student in 1985.

The position of Director is still open to any interested persons, so that the work may be further developed, and we repeat here some of the requirements that should be met by prospective appointees. They should:

  • Be self-funded, although some allowances may be applicable,
  • Be an active member of a Christian Brethren Assembly,
  • Have the ability to undertake some deputation work in the surrounding districts,
  • Have the ability to lead and work with volunteers, and
  • Have a working knowledge of accounting and data-based computer systems.

Praise Points

  • For the sizeable amount of mail received so far this year.
  • For all those who have faithfully contributed to the work of QMBC, both by prayer and practical support, during the past year.
  • For continued new enrolments.

Prayer Points

  • For the development of on-line lessons and a new website.
  • For students in Papua New Guinea who can no longer receive lessons.
  • That a permanent Director will be forthcoming to oversee the work.

From our Students

Please take time to read the enclosed excerpts from some of our students’ letters and answers to assignments, which we are sure you will find interesting.

From Students doing the basic Courses:

Emily, age 21, Papua New Guinea:

Thank you for all the lessons so far. As for me, I am not saved but the lesson help me to understand that the Lord Jesus is the living God. I learn so far many good things about the Lord Jesus that I didn’t know about, and how to be saved…I try to follow what has been taught in the lessons and Bible verses which you give to me to prepare myself to be saved, so please send me more of the lessons to help me. [Please pray with us for Emily’s salvation]

Gerald, age 29, Hong Kong:

Thank you for all your prayers and may God bless everyone that took their time to remember me in their prayers. Well, all didn’t go as I hoped and expected, but I have to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ and praise Him at all times. I went to court on 14 Sept and I was sentenced to 10 years and four months. Though it was hard for me, I praise God for He knows what’s best. It doesn’t mean that my faith or our prayers have failed. What I believe and hope for is that soon rather than later the glory of our Lord will be seen…I am happy to be here and I don’t regret it for it has brought me closer to my Creator.

Ted, age 88, Australia:

I do thank you for your help enabling me to continue with Christian studies. Your encouragement means a lot. God bless.

Ana, age 30, Hong Kong

I’m here in prison now, I know it’s only a trial for me, but He never leaves me even though I’m here. God has His own reason why this thing happened. Here, I have become closer to God…I owe everything to Him, whatever lessons I learn inside will be forever in my heart.

Irumah, age 36, Hong Kong:

I have really accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. I am deeply convinced and totally believe that He is dwelling inside of me. My life has changed and I have this inner peace deep within my soul. Irrespective of the difficult situation that I am passing through presently [in prison], I feel joy all around me and I know that it is only our Lord Jesus Christ who can make that possible in my life. I am completely saved.

Ntando, age 27, Hong Kong:

I greet you in Jesus’ mighty name, all glory goes up to God that we are well and alive. Wow, my second lesson got me thinking how much I’m struggling with “self”. Pride, lies, hate, gossip, temper, jealousy, bad talk, selfishness and disobedience; these are things I struggle with daily. I need God’s help on these. I pray almost every day for God to take over my whole body, mind and spirit because I don’t like who I am in the flesh and I would love more than anything to be who or what God wants me to be. I need God to take His throne in my heart. Please remember me in your prayers.

Sadi, age 35, Thailand:

Your wonderful letter and response slip I received signifies a lot of care; your lessons are very interesting and vital for me to do, because the Holy Scripture says that the Word of God giveth life, light and understanding.

Sanan, age 38, Thailand:

I am really glad to receive your letter, it is the most encouragement for me. Now I know that Jesus is with me and will never leave me…I cannot keep my happiness to myself, so I would like you to know. Thank you for the Bible lessons. May God bless you and your ministry forever. [Sanan commenced QMBC lessons in July 2014 while in prison. He was released in July 2016 and still continues to do the lessons.]

Talina, age 32, Hong Kong:

Five years ago my husband and I got arrested in Hong Kong for trafficking in danger drug. We got very long sentences, he is serving 24 years and I’m serving 18 years. All our family are in Mexico and we miss them so much. But, even though this experience has been very hard for both of us, we’ve learned a lot from it. I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour four years ago, and I truly believe that I have a reason to be here. Now, slowly I am coming close to God and I feel happier. Everyone would think that being in prison is a very bad experience, well, not in my case because I came to meet God through this experience, and that turned the bad experience into a blessing in my life! Thanks a lot for this beautiful Bible study course.

From Students doing the Panorama lessons:

Samuel, age 33, Hong Kong:

Yes, I do try my best to keep any promise I make to God or to people. For example, when I was a free man, I promised to give 1/10 of every income to a man of God or to charities, and I kept that promise until I came to prison.

Jean, age 38, Papua New Guinea:

The hardest place to preach the Good News is at home, because people know us very well. The best way to preach at home is to live Christ so that they will see our good deeds and believe God.