QMBC Prayer News

August 2019

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Most will agree that we are living in times of increasing breakdown of ethical and moral standards and a progressive abandonment of Bible principles. What is more alarming is the watering down of the message of salvation to the exclusion of repentance and the need to enter on a path of separation from the sinful practices of a past life. The Apostle Paul said that, “if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Cor. 5.17). And the Apostle John said, “No one who lives in him [i.e., in Christ] keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him” (1 John 3.6). Enoch, one of the earliest of the OT patriarchs, provides a model of how we should live. He walked with God (i.e., he constantly lived in fellowship and communion with God) for at least 300 years, in spite of all the worldly allurements that would take him away from God. So pleased was God with him, that He took him to heaven because the world had become utterly corrupt, and was no longer worthy of Him (Gen. 5.22-24). So in our Bible studies with our QMBC students, we endeavour to present a full Gospel which, among other things, requires true repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, and a firm resolve to lead a new life, one that pleases God. Let us ask ourselves, “Am I walking with God, or (in NT language), am I following the Lord Jesus who in His walk was “holy, blameless, pure and set apart from sinners”? (Heb. 7.26).

We recently received enquiries from three different sources in Papua New Guinea, wishing to enrol groups of children in QMBC. We have already been given 24 new names from one source, and 51 from another. This is very encouraging, and we would like you to pray with us that this may be the beginning of a revival of the work in PNG.

The mail from Thailand is still arriving in bulk and on an irregular basis, but we are thankful to the Lord that it is still getting through, and that the authorities in the prisons in that country and also in Hong Kong are still willing for the prisoners to do our lessons.

The number of Australian students doing the lessons continues steadily, and we have also recently provided lesson materials for Sunday School and Bible Study groups, in various parts of Australia.

We continue to send out follow-up letters to the students who haven’t returned their answer sheets for some time, and this is done on a regular basis with some encouraging responses.

Praise Points

  • For the significant number of new names recently received from Papua New Guinea.
  • For the encouraging letters we receive from the students, showing their desire to live for the Lord.
  • For the students and others here in Australia who study the QMBC lessons.

Prayer Points

  • That wisdom will be given to answer some of the difficult questions posed by our students.
  • That the students who have been inactive for some time will respond to follow-up letters and continue with their lessons.
  • That the work in Papua New Guinea may be revived.

Please take time to read the enclosed excerpts from some of our students’ letters and answers to assignments, which we are sure you will find interesting.

From students doing the basic Courses:

Gelam, age 24, Papua New Guinea:

Greetings to you all in the name of our good Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I acknowledge what you have done for me by sending lesson papers and magazines. They [are] helpful in my study time, and comfort me to victory over earthly power.

Ibriham, age 34, Thailand:

With great gratitude in my heart I sincerely acknowledge [your] tireless effort to reach me with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ through the QMBC lessons. Please I want you people to keep praying for me for God’s intervention and mercy upon me throughout my stay in this prison and even all my life. Secondly, I want you people to also pray for a good friend of mine. She is a Buddhist but God has been using her to provide for me in this prison. She comes to visit often and is making sure that I lack nothing. Her name of Ornanong and your letters of encouragement and even the Christian lessons will be welcomed, as I am praying hard that God should arrest her spirit to know that He alone is God.

Henry, age 35, Thailand:

Thank you so much for the Bible that you sent to me. I’m really grateful for it. It will help me a lot in growing my relationship with our heavenly Father. I also would like to thank you for the lessons, they are a big blessing in my life. May our loving God bless you guys.

He, age 34, Thailand:

I’m Chinese, 34 years old and in the prison in Thailand. I have stayed here 3 years 2 months. My sentence is 7 years 16 months. Before I knew Jesus, I felt lonely and [had] no hope because I’m in the prison. I thought I lost everything, I don’t have a future, I’m far from my country and my family. But, when someone invited me to the Church in this prison, I heard the songs of Jesus, I read the Bible. Something changed, I know Jesus is with me, I’m not alone. I know Jesus [will] help me, forgive my sins, I will be a new person, I will have new life, I don’t need to worry about anything because I have God. Now I know Jesus a little but I’m studying with sisters in here. They help me much. I hope you can help me study Christ, let me know Jesus Christ more. I’m sorry my English is not good, but I’m learning English too. I’m waiting for your next lesson.

Margarette, age 37, Hong Kong:

I’m constantly praising the Name of our Lord Jesus for coming to live inside my heart. I grew up in a Christian family, although I used to be very rebellious…I used to do many sins that used to hurt God until I came to prison six years ago. While here, the Lord has really helped me to re-evaluate myself, as I came to understand how God used to save me from many troubles that I was facing while outside. Even though I’m a sinner, I came to learn that the Lord loves me and He has been wanting to come and live inside my heart, but for many years, I used not to let Him. But in November 2017 I accepted the Lord as my Saviour, and this year I got a chance to confess to people in Church that Jesus is Lord of my life.

Clement, age 42, Thailand:

Please, we prisoners in this country of Thailand need prayer because this year they want to crown a king, so we need a favour from him to give us a wonderful amnesty so that we have our freedom back. Thanks so much for the lessons you are sending to me to know our Lord Jesus Christ more than I knew Him before and how to have a successful marriage.

Fing, age 25, Thailand:

When I came into this prison I lost all the hope in my life, but that day God used one sister to come to me and she told me about the new hope – new life in Jesus. I was confused by what I heard. After that she gave me one book (Bible). [I decided that] when I was bored I would read the book. But the Word of God is powerful. The Word came into my heart, comforted me and changed me. I began to smile and enjoy my life even in this difficult place, because I know God controls everything. Every time when I pray God answers me…I have committed my life to Him. I believe that Jesus is alive and in my heart.

From students doing the Panorama Course:

Njoku, age 33, Hong Kong:

I have been doing this Mailbox Course for a long time now, and my wish is to finish the last part of it before I see my freedom from this dark tunnel come 21 Nov. 2020 after 9 years, 6 months and 17 days in prison for drug trafficking. Because of the [poor] mailing system in Nigeria, I request you send two modules at a time to me [to finish the course by the above date]. [Request approved and already actioned.]

Weeraphon, age 63, Thailand:

I am extremely sorry to take such a long time to complete my Bible course. I hope you can understand my situation here in the prison. Thank you so much for the lessons that you send to our Christian friends here. They are very happy to have the chance to study with QMBC.