QMBC Prayer News

August 2020

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Greetings from all the workers at QMBC.  We pray that you are all keeping well and free from the virus. These are certainly strange and difficult times for everyone but we are so grateful that God is in control of the situation and is fulfilling His promises and eternal plans.

This is just a brief update on the current situation with QMBC since COVID-19.  The QMBC office has been mainly closed since the beginning of April, with a couple of volunteers working one day a week to keep things up to date.  Our overseas mail carrier DHL closed their mail deliveries to most overseas countries in mid April, but from the beginning of June they have gradually opened up a lot of countries again, allowing us to post out a small amount of mail in May, June and July. The in-coming overseas mail has likewise been affected, with some mail being received from Hong Kong and USA, but nothing from Thailand or PNG until the last week in July.  Mail from Australia has been coming through regularly. 

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for all of our students at this time, that they will be kept safe and well, and will not forget the lessons they have learned, even though they may not be receiving any new lessons at present.

The Lord has not forgotten QMBC during this crisis, and we are very thankful to say that none of our workers or committee members has contracted the virus to date

Please take time to read the enclosed excerpts from some of our students’ letters, which we are sure you will find interesting.

From students doing the basic Courses:

Jonathan, age 16, Philippines:

My parents were Christians and through them I came to know the Lord Jesus, and I surrendered my life to Him and believed in Him and repented of my sins.  I was baptized in water by immersion, symbolising the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  I had new life and was totally born again.

Jessenia, age 31, Hong Kong:

The Lord Jesus came to live in my heart after I came to prison.  Now I can feel how faithful [He is] and how much He loves me.  He has done many miracles in my life but the most important thing He has done for me is to love me and give me peace.  Now I feel very happy to know I’m the child of God.

Mandisa, age 29, Hong Kong:

The Lord has come into my heart and brought peace to my heart and life.  I have finally forgiven my late mother for her abusive behaviour towards me while I was growing up.  Though days are not the same here in prison I now understand that this is the Lord chastening me and that He does not love me any less whilst I am here.  I look forward to sharing my story and experience with younger girls on my release, to prevent them from [making] the mistakes I made.

Saran, age 35, Thailand:

When I came in here [prison] I met one African guy who told me a lot about Jesus Christ – how He loves me and gave His life for my sins and the whole world.  After some days he invited me to the Church and after service He gave me a Bible written in Thai.  After reading the Bible for many days I decided to become a Christian and I gave my life to Christ.  This is how I converted from Buddhist to Christian.

Anslem, age 39, Thailand:

Excited to hear from you once again, I thought I had been forgotten.  I am doing absolutely alright, [my] knowledge of God’s truth has grown beyond measure ever since I started doing the lessons. 

Rosemary, age 33, Thailand:

Thanks very much for what you are doing for me, because before I didn’t have anyone to help me to know the Word of God.  That’s why I am so happy for this club.  The life in prison is not easy, and it is not easy to get someone who can help you.

Joseph, age 44, Thailand:

Thanks for the Certificate and the stamps.  I feel blessed and I am happy to be part of this your Bible Course, which has been opening my eyes of understanding towards the meaning of the Word of God.  May our good Lord in His infinite mercy keep filling you with His wisdom, strength, and knowledge to carry on with this work.

Australian Student:

Thank you for taking the time to mark my and many others work.  Thank you for giving many children the opportunity to learn about Jesus, who died for them. I’m so grateful the Lord has given the Mailbox Club to the children whose parents might not know or believe in the Lord. Thank you for devoting your time so children get to know God.