QMBC Prayer News

May 2016

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

As we write another Prayer News, we are deeply appreciative of your prayers for this work and for our students. We cannot but be affected by the events taking place in the world today. We believe that the Lord’s coming is near (James 5.8), and according to His own promise, He will come again and receive us to be with Himself (see John 14.3).

Please pray for our students, that they will realize the importance of the Scriptures they study, and that they will be ready to go with the Lord Jesus when He returns. Your prayers, both public and private, are powerful and effective (James 5.16), and your involvement in the work of QMBC in this way will be rewarded.

We must apologize for the delay in posting out this Prayer News. For a long time we have been discussing the need to replace the old roof on the building where we work in Yeronga. The roof was asbestos and leaked in heavy weather, so the decision was made to replace it with a new steel roof. However, we were unable to use the premises for some two weeks while the work was carried out, and therefore we could not produce the Prayer News at the beginning of the month as we normally do. We praise the Lord that He provided funds over and above that which was required, and that the work was completed efficiently and to a high standard. We are now ‘back in business’ once again!

Since writing the previous Prayer News, we have received several assignments from students who have now completed the Panorama of the Bible Course and the Extension Studies. For their hard work and dedication they have been presented with a special award – a detailed time chart of the Bible. Please pray that more students will be encouraged to complete the entire series.

Once again the mail has been slow in coming through in recent weeks. There seems to be a hold up in Australia, as the slowdown has affected the mail from all overseas countries. Please pray with us, that if there is a backlog somewhere it will be cleared quickly, to enable the students to have their answer pages and new lessons returned to them in a reasonable time.

The students from the various prisons in Hong Kong who are doing the QMBC lessons continue to give us much encouragement, and they are always keen to send us the names of new students to be enrolled in the studies. Please pray for the many students who are in prisons in various countries, as they face many difficulties which we know nothing about.

Praise Points

  • For dedicated volunteers who faithfully maintain the work of QMBC
  • For the continued provision of funds to meet every need
  • For new student enrollments, particularly from Hong Kong

Prayer Points

  • That some younger people will be encouraged to help
  • That the health of the older workers will be sustained
  • That the Lord will provide a permanent director to oversee the work

We again praise the Lord for His faithfulness in providing the funds for the continued operation of QMBC.

From our Students

Please take time to read the enclosed excerpts from some of our students’ letters and answers to assignments, which we are sure you will find interesting.

From Students doing the basic Courses:

Henry, age 23, Vanuatu:

Before I received the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I was a boy who used to drink alcohol, smoke tobacco and was a drug dealer. But once Jesus came to live in my heart I realised that those things I was doing, God hated. Therefore, I decided to take up my cross and follow Jesus…and when He came into my heart, I became a totally different person.

Thembeka, age 44, Hong Kong:

Prison makes me disconsolate but I don’t have to blame anybody, I am punished because of my guilt…and God also allows things to happen for a reason…we do things according to our ways, not God’s will. We need God to intervene in our lives, and it’s inappropriate to blame God for our guilt. I originated from South Africa, am a single mother with two kids. I am currently in Hong Kong prison. Please, my prayer request is about my health and my case here, and for my family back home. Thanks so much for the lessons.

Bhalla, age 68, India:

I am having peace of mind as I progress to learn and understand God’s revelation to man through these Bible Correspondence Courses. This journey (study of these Courses) is a long journey, but I would like to continue till the end. I am pleased to have enrolled as a student and thank you for all this.

Gerald, age 28, Hong Kong:

I thank God for everything, and for the lessons that my brothers and sisters are providing. It’s my pleasure to continue with the studies even when I transfer back to my country. I’m still waiting for the paper work so for the time being I’m still here for a little while, but still remembering that the Lord is in control of every situation. If you can send me [a Bible] I would appreciate it a lot, to help me grow spiritually towards Christ, because as I continue to grow I would like to minister to others about our Lord, from everything I learn. There was a day someone told me that my being here was a blessing because he has come to depend on the Lord Jesus Christ in everything. May God continue to bless all of you with your families.

Ted, age 87, Australia:

I am enjoying the lessons I receive from you, they are a major interest in my life. I regret having gone through life not as a Christian, and pray that I am now a child of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

John, age 31, Thailand:

In summary of my story, I was involved in a drug deal in which the authorities apprehended me in the year 2012 and I was sentenced to 27 years and 8 months imprisonment. I thank God for His pity and intervention in my life because in the year 2013 God picked me up and rescued me. Since then my life has changed. I quit smoking and drugs and gave my life totally to God…thank you and QMBC Christian friends for your efforts, even for giving me positive opportunity to come into the heavenly family.

Cristina, age 33, Hong Kong:

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Your Bible study helps me a lot to know more about Jesus Christ, and it helps me to overcome my difficulties – being imprisoned is so stressful. That’s why the courses help me a lot not to think too much. I accepted Him as my Saviour and believe that He died for my sins. I know that He will free me here in his ideal moment. I trust Him and I’m keeping my faith, and I also want to know more about what the Bible teaches about baptism and communion.

Karen, age 38, Thailand:

Yes, my Lord Jesus came to live in my heart, the Holy Spirit in me testifies. I have accepted him as my personal Lord and Saviour, and I believe that he died and shed his precious blood for me, and through him can have eternal life in his glorious kingdom.

From Students doing the Panorama Course:

Rejina, age 24, Papua New Guinea:

I can say that I made a promise to put my faith and trust in God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and to always trust because I will be kept safe in their presence at all times and in all circumstances in this wicked world. So I have to be steadfast and keep my promise.

Rebecca, age 34, Queensland:

I do enjoy the lessons. They have been a blessing to me. I am very grateful that QMBC is available for all to learn, and hope it brings many blessings to those who take up the lessons. I hope to have my two daughters lessons in the mail soon.

Lachlan, age 17, New South Wales:

Jesus is my Saviour and Lord. In Heb. 9.22 it says that he cleansed us with his blood, and v. 26 says that he did away with sin by the sacrifice of himself. Col. 1.20 says that though Jesus we can be reconciled to God.

Nana, age 50, Ghana:

We must believe and obey the word of the Lord,so that  our names will be written in the book of life. [The Lord is able to do this because on the cross] he carried our sins, he healed our wounds, and destroyed the devil through his death. God made peace with the Universe, and brought it to himself through the blood of his cross (Col. 1.20).