QMBC Prayer News

August 2016

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

We are living at a time when the world around us is becoming more terrible by the day – murders on every hand and side, and people throwing up their hands in despair asking, “why does God continue to allow these things to happen?” And yet the Lord Jesus said to His disciples, “Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (John 14.27). So why should Christians share the world’s despair with them?

In the last few days we have heard acceptance speeches from the Republican and Democratic nominees for the next President of the USA, telling us how they would correct all wrongs and restore the USA and the world to the Utopia of their imaginations. However, such things are not in the power of man to accomplish. Instead God is working out his purposes and uses world leaders to bring those purposes to fruition. Even King Nebuchadnezzar had to exclaim that, “everything He [God] does is right and all His ways are just. And those who walk in pride He is able to humble” (Dan. 4.37).

This state of anarchy in which we live will soon come to an end. As the Lord Jesus himself said, “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory” (Matt. 24.30). He will judge all evil and bring in everlasting peace and righteousness. Those of us who have put our trust in the Lord Jesus for salvation will be with him when he comes back to reign over the earth. Who would miss such a glorious opportunity as this?

And so it is our privilege and responsibility to continue to tell out the Good News through QMBC, so that more and more people might be saved for time and for eternity. We are especially anxious to reach those in countries where the governments are hostile to Christianity and do not allow missionaries to enter their countries.

We continue to be encouraged by the enthusiasm of our students in the prisons in Thailand and Hong Kong, many of whom show a good understanding of the truths taught in our lessons, and a personal acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Please pray particularly for our students in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and other countries where they have suffered economic and natural disasters over recent years. Unfortunately, because of these calamities, we have lost contact with many students, and although we send follow-up letters to them on a regular basis, we have not had many responses.

The mail from overseas has been very erratic this year – as we write there has been yet another delay and very little mail is being received from overseas. No doubt we must expect more of this in these uncertain times, and we realise that the Authorities must be more vigilant in checking what comes into our country. Nevertheless, we would appreciate your prayers that the mail will not be unduly delayed.

Praise Points

  • For the continued provision of funds to meet every need
  • For new student enrolments, particularly via our Website
  • For those students who have professed salvation as a result of the lessons

Prayer Points

  • That the mail from overseas will come through more regularly
  • That our new Website will soon be up and running
  • That past students will contact us again to continue their lessons

From our Students

Please take time to read the enclosed excerpts from some of our students’ letters and answers to assignments, which we are sure you will find interesting.

From Students doing the basic Courses:

Stanley, age 45, Papua New Guinea:

I was born from parents that did not fully receive the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ, but believed in our custom culture. I too lived a life of my own doing things that hurt others and that was not pleasing to the community. It came a time when I nearly lost my life when I committed a crime that brought me to prison. That’s when I heard the words of God and started studying the Bible. I realised that my past life was not worthy and I accepted Jesus as my only Saviour…thank you God for rescuing me from darkness.

Johnson, age 44, Papua New Guinea:

When I go through these lessons it is interesting to me and some of them are a bit challenging to my personal life. These lessons give me strength, good thoughts, direct me and teach me to choose the better track to follow to receive a most wonderful eternal life with our Lord God.

Gerald, age 29, Hong Kong:

I am always glad to receive the lessons from QMBC because it helps me a lot to learn something about our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of our Father. Even the [Love, Dating and Marriage] lessons I enjoy doing. Thanks once again for the help you are providing to help me understand, and the books that encourage me.

Onyeka, age 32, Thailand:

I am serving a two and a half year sentence in prison for a crime of possession and selling drugs. Unfortunately my referral to anger management didn’t arrive on time and I ended up in here. I am not passing the buck, it is entirely my own doing and I take full responsibility for my awful actions. I joined drug dealers only because I believed in traditional charms which tell me that the police will never catch or see me with drugs, but I was greatly surprised on that fateful Monday morning when police arrested me and found 2 grams of cocaine. I couldn’t believe that the police saw the drug…When I came across the Bible [in prison] my life was transformed and changed. Please can you help me discover the peace I seek? I am a boy who really wants to change. I am requesting your prayers, so that God will have mercy upon my life and the life of my entire village [in Africa].

Mariam, age 27, Hong Kong:

When trouble came into my life I didn’t have peace or happiness anymore then I remembered my mother’s words about God, and I came back to Jesus. I repented of my sins and accepted Him as my Saviour. A miracle happened to me, I’ve found peace and happiness even though I’m in prison. I’m helping others too, to accept Jesus as their Saviour.

Thanathip, age 21, Thailand:

I have prayed to the Lord Jesus to come and live in my heart. I have taken Him as my Saviour, and now I’m ready to stand before the Judgment seat of Christ. Thank you very much for telling me how to answer God.

Gabriel, age 41, Thailand:

When I was taken to prison here I came to meet other Christians and they told me stories about Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world and introduced me to QMBC and I joined. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and believe in my heart that Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Saviour. I know He died from my sins that I may live. Acts 16:31 says “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved”, so I believe with all my heart.

Joseph, age 40, Thailand:

I am from Nigeria, and a former boxer. I stopped my boxing career in 2005 after I got attacked by a group of guys a few months before a sports festival in which I was gearing up to represent my State…After that I tried to find a way out of my country, but it’s not easy. By 2010 I got a Thailand visa, I worked hard to buy my ticket to here hoping and believing a friend of mine who told me that there are a lot of jobs over here. I only got here to find out the job my friend was telling me about was drugs, which put me in here to serve 25 years. Please help me by your prayers as I want Jesus Christ to sit on the throne of my heart. I really need the Holy Spirit of God to empower me so that I will change for God. I am praying for a living faith, and wish to know God better and to feel His touch upon my life. I want to live for Him alone.

From a parent enrolling her children, Australia:

I did QMBC when I was a child and I really believe it gave me such a great foundation of Biblical knowledge – I was so excited when I googled your name and found you still in operation. That you so much for all that you do and achieve.

Damian, age 36, Thailand:

Until I came to prison I never knew what it meant to give one’s life to Jesus Christ, though I used to go to Church while I was in the free world. I did not accept the Lord Jesus into my heart until 2013, when the prison missionaries visited our prison and spoke to us about the love of God for mankind through Jesus, and what it really means to become a true born again child of God. I gave my life to Jesus…from that day my life never remained the same again and I never went back to my past life. I loved the things I hated before (reading my Bible) and hated the things I loved before (gambling and smoking) etc. and I began to life a happy life in Christ Jesus.

Kang, age 34, Thailand:

It is with much gratitude I write this letter, to express the joy I have in my heart for your incessant words of encouragement…each time I receive a letter from you, it gives much strength and courage to me, knowing that you people are constantly thinking about my predicaments. Through your prayers, I have been able to cope with my present grievous trials, for I was once overwhelmed with sorrow after being suddenly confronted with life altering circumstances…I am grateful for God’s care of me and I can see what a privilege it is to be loved and known by our protective heavenly Father. I know that He will never abandon me.